Great Websites to Use in the Classroom to Make this Past Week Memorable for Kids

Discovery Education Lesson Plans on Biomes: Wild Arctic

Students will

  • learn key terms, including food web, zooplankton, and sea ice;
  • discuss Arctic plants and animals;
  • devise at least three Arctic food chains; and
  • help create a food web showing connections among Arctic life.

Click on the link below for further details and allow Discovery Education to help make the weather  many students have had an opportunity to experience more memorable. Correlations can be made to weather temps and material can be used as writing prompts for all ages.

Great Lesson Plans on Polar Bears

Units and Lesson Plans on Biodiversity, Climate Connections and exciting Tundra Webcasts.

Click below and visit this educational site chuck full of great information!

Weather Wizkids

Great weather website for all grades.

Reports coming in are stating that we have not experienced weather temperatures this low in over 20 years. What a wonderful teaching moment we have…

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things~


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