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Thank You…Almost 800K Views of the Unlock the Teacher Blog

Thank you to the 580K+ visitors to this blog. This blog is a creative way I use to share the good I see and find. Once I defend my dissertation and earn my doctorate, I hope to spend more time sharing the best practices that readers share with me. I appreciate the teachers and educational leaders that share tips and recommendations they find helpful in the classroom, school or district they serve, and the parents who leave comments and suggestions too.

When we train our eyes to see the good, we can do ANYTHING!

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things-


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Technology, Education and Human Resource Recommended Blogs

Last week while sitting in an airport, I grabbed a magazine that featured information on Microsoft’s HoloLens. As an educational leader, I was simply blown away with the future classroom applications that could occur once this product’s engineers have worked out all the kinks and the price driven down to make it an affordable tool to use to enhance learning for learners of all ages, in school and in the workforce.

Below are some good reviews to get one acquainted with the product and provides a glimpse of what it can do and why this product is one to watch for making a change in the way we look at teaching and student learning.

Check out this YouTube Video, that is mind-blowing in educational possibilities for our future with preparing tomorrow’s leaders for any industry. Microsoft HoloLens-Transform your World with Holograms

A Look at Microsoft’s HoloLens by Sean Hollister on

Education and Technology…Blogs to Read to Stay Current and use as a Resource

The 2016 Must Read Education and Technology Blogs by Ed TECH Focus on K-12.

The Top 10 EdTech Blogs by

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning website is very cool and offers a plethora for resources for educational leaders. The site offers blogs to follow and products to use to enhance any learning environment.

Continual Learning Across the Industries

Since we should always be learning new ways to perfect our craft, regardless of industry, this is a great site for professional development and human resource  leaders as well. Learning needs to be engaging for all learners, regardless of their age or level of education. SnackNation, conducted a survey and came up with some out-of-the-box blogs that share ideas on how to make your employees feel validated and engaged in whatever it is you as a manager, leader or employer have to offer.

In an age where after a 30 second sound bite, we lose interest, gleaning some perspective and new ideas from those with whom we want to engage, so they can lead our industries into tomorrow might not be a bad idea.

Human Resource Blogs

The Top 30 HR Blogs for High Performance HR Professionals by

Capella University’s 6 Must Read Blogs for HR Professionals

Great Leadership -A blog for a leader/manager at any level. This blog also shared best practices and tools to use with your team. e.g. Individual Performance Plans etc.

Strategic Human Capital Management A useful resource for an HR manager or leader in any industry.

As I transition from my role as a traditional education leader as a school principal into more of an education leader within the world of human resources,  I will share all the good sites and resources I discover. Life after all, is just one large volume of multiple lessons…

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things~





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Never Underestimate the Power of Believing in a Child

As educators, we have been blessed with an awesome responsibility to educate the whole child to become productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

As an administrator, one of the blessings of my job is to help my faculty and staff be the best they can be in the lives of those placed in their care.

Simple reminders:

*to greet students at the door and actually “see” them each day

*to remember that as an educator, we are the rational adult called to model behaviors for our students…forgiveness, flexibility, humor, compassion etc.

*it is okay for students to know that mistakes have been made or something is not “known” …demonstrate how to build the muscle of “recovery” and “collaboration”

Never underestimate the power we have in lifting up our students to new heights…if you BELIEVE they will ACHIEVE!


May we continue to seek knowledge in all things~



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Positive Energy and Praise Goes a Long Way for Educators and Students

Welcome back everyone (or those just returning) to the classroom or diving back into home school studies.  I hope everyone had a fabulous break and made wonderful memories.

We have had many email requests for suggestions on “How to Deal with Negativity in the Classroom or Work Environment”.  Given that the entire Unlock the Teacher LLC team prefers to dwell in the positive versus the negative (which is why we work so well together 🙂 ) I thought I would pull some positive energy from my team and share it with our readers.

First off, when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the negativity of the world around us, we can not fully achieve what is intended or live intentionally.  This is also true in education…and I would go so far as to say it is even MORE important for us to NOT embrace the negative, because we are examples for all the future minds of tomorrow!

There are many philosophers who have tackled this subject in the past and present. Below is a brief synopsis of what I have found this week, that I have found helpful to get along with others or words that have helped shape my management style.

All Business provided the following rubric for great team building in a work environment:

  1. Communicate Goals Clearly
  2. Define Responsibilities
  3. Provide Equal Training
  4. Encourage Relationships
  5. Empower
  6. Provide Feedback
  7. Reward (I say provide PRAISE…it goes a long way!)
  8. Set Reasonable Deadlines
  9. Meet Regularly (Our team lives in various states.  Given this, we try to Skype and have timely phone conferences.)
  10. Discourage “Back-Door” Reports *All Business reminds us, that inevitably, there will be at least one employee who will attempt to report to  you after every meeting — giving a play-by-play slanted in his or her favor.  Don’t encourage this behavior, and resist the temptation to use this employee as  a fly on the wall. Backdoor tactics can severely undermine an otherwise positive  office environment.

Education World is a great resource for this topic and I recommend this site for anyone looking for collaborative tools.

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. – Japanese proverb

It is amazing how much people get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit. – Swahili proverb

A team is more than a collection of people. It is a process of give and take.  – Barbara Glacel & Emile Robert Jr.

None of us is as smart as all of us.Ken Blanchard

No man is wise enough by himself. – Plautus

Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success. Stephen Covey

The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.  – Lewis B. Ergen

One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbor

Teams share the burden and divide the grief. – Doug Smith

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

Light is the task where many share the toil. – Homer

T.E.A.M = Together everyone achieves more. – Anonymous

Ultimately, it is in our actions that define who we are.  If we are one who promotes the good in all things, collaborates and maintains an open mind to others point of view…this can only help but begin a positive synergistic effect on any work relationship or environment.

I encourage all our readers to embrace the good!

I am very blessed to have an opportunity at Unlock the Teacher to work with a group of people who are dedicated to excellence in all things, and continue to strive to BE the difference for our children…our FUTURE!

Now that I am also wearing an Assistant Principal hat, I am equally blessed to work with  a wonderful staff of 40+ who are positively centered and choose to embrace the good in each day.

Please share your great “team-building” tips so we can all benefit from the wisdom of many.

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things,



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