Unlock the Teacher…

Unlock the Teacher is a  thought that originated in a notebook while I worked with students in 1993 in the Clover Park School District.  The small group of children I was so fortunate to work with in the Reading Specialist room, taught me so much about what it means to be a teacher.  It is through the work we did together, emphasizing differential instruction before Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory became the rave, that I learned what it meant to take the time to reflect and analyze student learning patterns in order meet individual student needs with the hope to instill a love for life-long learning.

This blog is meant to share the good in education for the classroom and across all industries.

May we seek knowledge in all things~


                                       -cogito ergo sum

2 responses to “Unlock the Teacher…

  1. Adel Hussein

    Fantastic comments that each teacher should be aware about. Thank You ❤️

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