Calling all Educational Leaders…Preparing your School Team for the 2021-22 School Year

Educational leaders, as you prepare to bring your teams back together, now more than ever, we need to work with our school teams to develop a sense of collective responsibility to contribute to a positive school environment (Towers & Maguire, 2017).

Our teachers desire a sense of belonging (Kelchtermans, 2017). We need to seek to hear teacher voice, allowing our educators to take an active role in developing, implementing and engaging in professional development that will enhance the educational experience for all stakeholders holders and increase job motivation amongst team members.

Regardless if the role we serve is teacher, janitor, secretary or principal, we all teach in word and action. However, collectively, a school team needs to be of one mind, one unified team to serve the students and parents placed in their care. A positive school climate is synergistic. It takes having intentional discussions as a school team and developing a framework, a road map to team success now before the students return.

The school year can be a road with many challenges (COVID) and obstacles. However, a unified team, determined to create and maintain a positive school culture can do ANYTHING!

May this upcoming school year be filled with new discoveries and developments for your school team…

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things-


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