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Educational Webinars from an Administrator Tool Kit to STEM Focused Schools

Educational  Webinars

Great resources for teachers

Administrator Tool Kit~As an administrator, you no doubt wear many hats and do many jobs. Given this, having the right tool for the right job is critical – not only can it make your job easier, but the right tool can help you accomplish tasks faster and often better. Join Steven Anderson @web20classroom as he shares his favorite, must-have Web tools for administrators.


Cooking with Bill Nye~Watch Bill Nye boil water. Really. In the process, you may learn something about energy conservation that comes in handy next time you make pasta.


Hurricanes~Video, Teacher Guide and so much more. This is a great tool!


A New Wave of STEM Focused Schools ~Register for this FREE webinar today!


A Fresh Look at Teaching the Diary of Anne Frank~ This webinar includes a complimentary teacher’s guide created with the Holocaust Education Organization Facing History & Ourselves and special Resources for Youth. We highly recommend this one! www.pbs.org/teachers/webinar/archive.html

Helping Kids Understand Viruses and Vaccinations with Sid the Science Kid ~This free webinar provides information and strategies for helping students understand viruses and vaccinations. The website also offers a complimentary resource package. www.pbs.org/teachers/webinar/archive.html

Exploring the Faces of America by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  www.pbs.org/teachers/webinar/archive.html

Media Literacy: 21st Century Skills All Students Need ~Frank Baker



How to Promote a Learning-Receptive Emotional State ~Judy Willis



Getting to “Got It!” ~Betty Garner



Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom ~ Carol Tomlinson and Marcia Imbeau



Motivating Students to Achieve Their Highest Potential ~Judy Willis



School Administrators: Leading with Verizon Thinkfinity



Think Quest Free Educational Webinars : check out Denise Hobb’s “Innovative Learning”


Education Week (one of my personal favorites) offers many enlightening webinars.  Check out “E-educators’ Evolving Skills”…talk about relevant!



American Statistical Association offers various webinars…currently hosting a K-12 “Meeting within a Meeting” for Science and Math Teachers



Exploring Middle School MiddleWeb is a blog powered by Typepad.  They are a promoter of 21st Century Learning and offer live and archived webinars. Check out the latest webinar: The National Middle School Association is teaming up with the NSF-funded Middle School Portal to offer “Free math and Science Webinars”…the goal was to not only make the training affordable but user-friendly; teachers could watch from home.



OneNote and Education: This MSDN blog was created to have a dialog about OneNote and education, including sharing ideas, resources, and building community with teachers, students and faculty.



These favorite webinars are pulled from the following sites. We recommend these sites as great educational tools and resources:

  • PBS Teachers
  • ASCD
  • Verizon’s Thinkfinity Website

If you have a great webinar to recommend or a site that is indeed a teacher resource, please share it here and we will check it out and give it a “shout”!

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things,


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