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Wonderful 8th Grade Literature Scrapbooks through the Eyes of the Characters

Utilizing Character Journals/Scrapbooks in the Classroom
Sue Martin, a middle school language arts/literature teacher has allowed us to utilize these great pieces of student’s work.  Students were given a rubric to create a scrapbook/journal in the eyes of one of the characters in the book they were reading.  As the pictures demonstrate, this is a unique and fun assignment for student and teacher and can be modified for various age groups.

"The Lying Game""The Lying Game" scrapbook on the inside"Wait till Helen Comes""Wait til Helen Comes" scrapbook on the inside

"Wait til Helen Comes" Character Scrapbook"Harry Potter" Character Journal


"Wicked" Character Journal


"Wicked" Character Scrapbook on the inside

I find these pictures creative and I have no doubt that the students had a great time identifying with the characters in the books they read as they created these wonderful assignments.
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Through the Eyes of a Teenager…”Transitions” a Poem Written by a Teen, Lessons for us All

A former student of mine reached out the other day via her mother to share this wonderful poem with me.  She is getting ready to graduate middle school and this poem is a wonderful analogy of the normal feelings that are associated with moving on to the next chapter in life.  I am thrilled to share it with all of our readers and I am immensely proud of the writer J.H has become. I encourage her and all our readers to continue to maximize the potential within!

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Written By J. Harvey

(c) 2011


In life there will be changes,

There comes a time when everybody’s life rearranges.


For instance when you have to say farewell to friends you know,

When everything you have gone through has made you grow.


The life you have grown accustom to has suddenly changed,

No matter where you turn or look it will always seem estranged.


I wonder how fast change has to take place,

I know in my heart that I’m not in a race.


How can one say good-bye?

To the ones that have made you laugh and cry.


I know that now is time for my last year,

With the friends and teachers that I endear.


This is a transition that must run its course,

How hard it is going to be, and full of remorse.

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