“Little Fish in a Big Pond” Written by an 8th Grader and an Inspiration to us All

We are thrilled that a parent of a former student and an 8th grader who is now a published author of many poems, has sent us one of the latest published works for us to display here on our blog.  Congratulation J’Laina on your recent success and we think you are an inspiration to students and adults alike!

May we ALL continue to seek knowledge in all things,


Little Fish in a Big Pond

Written by: J’Laina Brown

(c) 2012

As I prepare to leave what once was familiar and safe,

I now find myself in a big unfamiliar place.

The security I once knew,

has become something that I must bid a final adieu.

I feel so small in such a big school;

however, I know I’m equipped with the most important tool.

I was once a big fish,

now it seems as if I fit in a Petri dish.

To me it seems so surreal,

but I know that I have no choice but to deal.

I have to assimilate to my new pond,

By saying good-bye and breaking a familiar bond.

How quickly I’ll have to swim and learn,

the new place and the trust of new friends I hope to earn.

I’m both sad and curious, but

becoming a big fish is serious.

I’m a little fish in a big pond.

Making waves and exiting with leaps for the great beyond.

I hope that my little friends miss me like I will them,

we can always get together and sing our old school hymn.

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