Teacher Resource Websites~Great Tool for Parents too this Summer


Parents are the first responders in regards to education.  The following sites can be viewed by parent(s) and or caregiver and lessons or objectives can be giving for children ages 6 to 18 each day to enhance learning over the summer. Many of these sites have free educational webinars or videos where parent and child can learn together and have some educational fun! 20 minutes on computer at one of these sites can help your child explore and learn.  Great ideas can be extrapolated from these sites, in regards to family outings, educational vacations, field trips and fun summertime projects at home.


Great Learning Games~ www.funbrain.com

Large Resource for Language Arts, Reading and Writing~ www.mrsgoldsclass.com

Great Science and Math Activities~ www.edheads.com

Create Puzzles ~ www.edhelper.com

Educational Webinars~ www.pbs.org

Everything Jan Brett~ www.janbrett.com/

Great Science Site~ www.chem4kids.com

A Typing Site for Kids~ www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing

Everything Eric Carle~ www.eric-carle.com

A Variety of Activites~ www.apples4theteacher.com/

May we seek knowledge in all things,



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2 responses to “Teacher Resource Websites~Great Tool for Parents too this Summer

  1. We will research and if plausible add…thank you for sharing the good in education! Happy Holidays!
    Denise and UTT Team

  2. http://www.edugain.com is also a good website for free Math worksheet generation.

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