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Letters of Recommendations

From Associate Superintendent

January 5, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as recommendation of Denise M. Ball.  I have known and worked with Denise for over 15 years and can attest that she will be an asset to any educational program.

Denise is a high energy educator with great knowledge of cutting edge instructional strategies.  She is a remarkable classroom teacher with experience with children of many age levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.  She has taught in both suburban and inner-city schools.  She has also taught in the public sector for the federal government as well as in non-public schools.

I had the pleasure of being Denise’s principal and she is one of the best teachers with whom I have ever worked.  She has the unique gift of being able to engage students, instruct them, and make them know that she respects them.  They, in turn, return that respect to her.

Denise is the consummate teacher-leader.  She collaborates well, and has become a mentor in all her teaching situations.  She is an expert on curriculum development and mapping, as well as curriculum alignment.  Her manner is such that she imbues in her colleagues the same enthusiasm that she projects.  She would be an extremely excellent candidate for a Teaching Ambassador Fellowship.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me personally.


Susan C. Leslie

Associate Superintendent of Schools

 Letter of Recommendation from Former Parent~Mrs. Rhonda Small

January 4, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great honor that I am sending this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Denise Ball.  I have known Mrs. Ball for two years.  As my daughter’s 5th grade homeroom teacher at Gesu Elementary school, she brought confidence, security and wisdom to our academic process.   I say our, because within the two years, my daughter and I both learned so much from her. 

Besides being my daughter’s homeroom teacher, Mrs. Ball also instructed her in 4th grade for language arts.   When her 5th grade year began and I was aware that she would be her homeroom teacher, we knew that it was going to be a wonderful year.  While in 4th grade, she was strongly challenged by Mrs. Ball. She pushed our daughter beyond her expectations and even the expectations of what traditional 4th graders are asked to accomplish.   It was apparent that she was aware of her students’ strengths and weaknesses.  She structured the instruction and assignments to meet the needs of each individual student.  I was clearly made aware of where Nina was and how much she needed to grow academically in order to be successful in her studies.   Through the guidance of Mrs. Ball, our daughter transitioned to 5th and 6th grades well prepared for the next grade and had the confidence and excitement for school to take on bigger and better academic challenges.  What she impartedto our child, the academic and social emotional nurturing, is continuing to help her become a well-rounded student. 

To children that are 9 and 10 years old, the social emotional aspects of life are vital.  Mrs. Ball did an excellent job of bringing the right balance of academics and social emotional nurturing to her students.  I saw children develop into young men and young women under her care.  By giving them the academic tools and having confidence in her students, the students in turn trusted her and eventually trusted in themselves to be the best people that they could be.   The maturity that I witnessed in the students was a testament to her care and concern for the whole student. 

Mrs. Ball was also a teacher of adults.  The lines of communication were always open to the parents.  Parents were encouraged to view her lesson plans and homework assignments on-line.  We were also highly encouraged to meet with her with any concerns we had.  I often found myself in meetings with Mrs. Ball; not always regarding my daughter academic support, but in regards to her giving me sound advice and problem solving strategies.  There were many times when she defused situations, brought insight and clarity when parents felt confused or misled, and promoted positive articulation among all school stakeholders. 

Although it was only for two years, the Gesu Elementary community is a better place having Mrs. Ball as a teacher.  Any institution, especially one that involves students and education, would do itself a great service by having Mrs. Ball become part of it.  I am grateful for her part in our development.

Thank you,

Mrs. Rhonda Small

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