Our Unlock the Teacher WordPress Blog Beat Goal of 10,000 Views

Our Unlock the Teacher WordPress Blog Beat Goal of 10,000 Views/Reads in 1 Year!

Last March when our dream to create a company that promoted the good in education went from a conversation and some thoughts in a notebook to a realization, we set ourselves a goal of trying to obtain 10,000 views in our first year.  Thanks to all of the community support and educators sharing our site, we have reached and exceed our goal!

Now our website might get 10,000 hits in one week versus a year but the difference  is with a blog, we feel if our readers are visiting, they are reading what we have to say about the good in education.  This is why we are SO excited with the data.

Thank you to everyone who has read our blog, is reading our blog or sharing our blog!

When we come together for the greater good, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things can happen,


NOTE: Since this blog post was written, this blog has surpassed 750,000 views with an average of 300-400 visits to this blog per day. (6/2021)

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